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People visiting our site might be confused to see an unfamiliar name. “Project Mira” was always a code name for our project. As we continue to inch closer to achieving our vision, we decided it was time to move forward with a permanent brand identity and a new corporate home. So, yes, we are now officially Ximira.

You might also see a few other names floating about, so here is a quick reference:

  • Ximira LLC is the legal name of our corporate entity
  • Ximira is the informal name of our organization
  • is our domain name
  • NOVA (iNtegrated Open Visual Assistant) is the working name of our first product(s)
  • Mira is still around…she’s our voice assistant

As of this writing, the website is a bit of a mashup of old branding and new names. We are working on an entirely new, screen-reader-friendly web presence. We look forward to sharing this with you as soon as we can get it off the ground (these chimera wings sure are heavy...). 

Here are answers some of the related frequently asked questions we have gotten: 

Q: How do you pronounce Ximira? Zi or Chai?

A: It is pronounced kīˈmirə. It is intended to be an alternative spelling of the word “chimera." But, if you accidentally call us “zimira”, we won’t take offense. 

Q: Why not just stick with Mira? 

A: As much as we love the name, Mira is already in use by a few other organizations that provide invaluable services to people living with severe visual impairment. To avoid confusion, we felt it best to choose a distinct name and brand identity. 

Q: Is there any special meaning to Ximira? 

A: Our name is a playful spelling of the word “chimera.” Both in mythical and scientific contexts, a chimera is an organism comprised of parts fused from multiple sources. We hope that a fusion of humans and artificial intelligence will prove to be a successful chimera. Another meaning is of a goal that is illusory; our goals are indeed challenging, but we intend to remove this meaning from the dictionary. 

If you happen to see the name "Bellerophon" anywhere that would be the Greek hero who killed the mythical Chimera. Sometimes when filling out online forms a name is necessary so some accounts may have this used as a last name.

Q: Is there a new URL for your website? 

A: Yes. 

Q: Does this mean there is new social media?

A: Yes! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter under Ximira LLC, through the links at the end of this post, or through other channels on our website.

Q: Is there a new contact email address? 

A: Yes. You can contact us at [email protected]

Q: Is Ximira LLC a non-profit organization? Are donations tax exempt? 

A: We have a not-for-profit mission. However, Ximira LLC is not a 501(c)(3) organization. So, at present, donations are not tax exempt. We are exploring numerous options that may allow future donations to be tax exempt. 

Q: Who designed that killer new logo? 

A: We are grateful to Garrett Lim—one of our many talented volunteer team members—for his efforts on this foundational component of our new brand identity. 

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